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why Patek Philippe ?







Well known manufactures don’t miss. All of them are not making the best and others don't reach the same standards as their past reputation. At the end, there is also a confusion between “luxury” and quality.

Here are some of the most reputable we can find : Audemars-Piguet, Breguet, Cartier, Lange & Sohne, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Vacheron-Constantin, etc.

If Breguet is considered as the best watchmaker anytime, Cartier may be the finest taste producer, Rolex the best represented, Vacheron Constantin the oldest manufactory, etc., Patek Philippe is unanimously the most constant in time and the most important overall.

The only factory to have survived through two centuries with constant leadership. Also the only factory to have all spare parts, since 1839, allowing the repair or the service of any of its timepiece. 

Patek Philippe is today the only and the last important watch manufacturer to remain independent, furthermore owned by one family.

The only Company steadily at the top with its production and always represented to all major events .

For instance : 1880 was the first victory in an observatory contest, then  764 times awarded between 1900 and 1967 with 187 times first prized !
Not only by visiting museums or realizing which important person had the chance to own a Patek at his time but also by going through auctions contents it is obvious that Patek Philippe is the best, safest and steadiest value in the field.

During the last two years Patek Philippe produced in average 60'000 watches a year, made with a total of around 1800 employees, when Rolex (including Tudor), for instance, during the same period produced almost 1 million watches ... with 7'000 employees.

Many reasons why for the last 35 years Patek Philippe represents more than 50% in value of international watch auctions sales results.



Another way to understand "why Patek Philippe ?" would be to read the published answers by Henry Stern to the questions most frequently asked about, in the 1989 jubilee pamphlet, here under.

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