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Terms and General Conditions
(Geneva, January 1st 2014)
The present terms and general conditions are determinating the relationship between www.erictortella.com, respectively Eric Tortella, and the clients using www.erictortella.com, respectively Eric Tortella. As soon as a transaction is started, both parties are tight together by these terms and general conditions. The client must read these conditions and the fact that he orders and pays means that he has agreed with the terms and general conditions, the services provided list and the pricelist for these services. Do not order and pay anything before you have read all these terms and general conditions.
Payment Acceptation and Refund.
www.erictortella.com, respectively Eric Tortella are not obliged to accept payments. After a payment is received or confirmed by a correspondant institution such as Paypal or a registered bank, unless a previous specific agreement was done, www.erictortella.com, recpectively Eric Tortella may refuse the transaction and the job. In this case the payment will be sent back right away to the sender. A transaction refusal will be notified within 7 working days after the payment confirmation. www.erictortella.com, recpectively Eric Tortella are not obliged to give any reason for a transaction refusal. In the event of a transaction refusal www.erictortella.com, respectively Eric Tortella will not deliver any information or any work. Once the payment has been accepted and the transaction confirmed there will be no refund. 
Prices and taxes.
All prices are listed in Euros (€) and includ all taxes for services up to € 800 or any equivalent. Services over € 800 are submitted to the Swiss or the European VAT depending where from the invoice is issued. Any order will be taken in consideration and commits the client to the terms and general conditions. The client's IP address is recorded as soon as he is validating the order. The client may not ask for any indemnity because of the quality, the resolution or the size of the files, wrong prints, price mistakes and any delay.
The site titles and main pages are available in Chinese, English, French and Italian. The site official linguage remains English. Requests may be done in English, French or Italian. The answers will always be in English. The client may ask for a translation, in this case all translation costs should be charge to him. 
Delivery time and expenses.
Time limits for the answers to your reqests are mentioned in working days according to the "prices" page, depending on which service you asked for. Delivery time starts as soon as the client's payment confirmation is received. Any mail confirmation on paper, by regular registered post inside the European Community, will be charged € 20. To other continents or countries, courriers as UPS, TNT or Fedex, for instance, will be used and the extra charge for this must be discussed and agreed by the two parties. If you have any doubt or any question don't hesitate to contact webmaster@erictortella.com.
Delivery processing and complains.
Requests and orders are processed on a daily base according GMT time + 1 hour. Information is delivered by e-mail, attached documents format is "pdf" or "word", for text, and "JPEG", for pictures. Delivery will be done only after the client's commitment, in particular if there is no delay in payment, included any other pending transaction. Complains are accepted within 3 days, the latest, after the e-mail delivery or the physical reception of the documents. All complains have to be done by e-mail to webmaster@erictortella.com.
Mistakes or omissions and complains.
www.erictortella.com, respectively Eric Tortella, commit to deliver the most accurate information in the most ethic manner. If you note any mistake, any omission or if you are not satisfied for any other reasonable reason, please contact webmaster@erictortella.com as soon as possible but the latest within 7 days after the delivery, and we will do all what we can to correct the mistake or the omission, always in proportion to your request and the price you paid. www.erictortella.com, respectively Eric Tortella are proud to offer their service and commit to do anything they can to satisfy all their clients. However, they are certain circumstances being out of our control and for instance we cannot be held responsible for misprinting or wrongprinting, punctuation or lay-out mistakes, insufficiant file or picture resolution, any financial loss or any other damage due to the published information. In the other hand, we cannot be responsible for any difficulties due to problems as connectivity, firewalls, electronique transmission, etc.
If you have any doubt or any question please contact webmaster@erictortella.com.
Invoices and payment.
All invoices are made by www.erictortella.com and are due the day of the order agreement, the latest, for some exceptions and when agreed it can be the day of the delivery. Any delay over 48 hours can suspend or cancel the transaction, upon www.erictortella.com, respectively Eric Tortella, decision and without any reminder. Delays over 48 hours may result to the suspension or the cancellation of any other deals pending with the same client. Delays may also result to the client's being black listed inside our organisation. In such situation, no compensation nor damage may be claimed by the client. In case www.erictortella.com, respectively Eric Tortella, moving or giving any service in person, any invoice will be subject to the local VAT. If the client's payment was not received within the due time www.erictortella.com, respectively Eric Tortella, may send a reminder which will give the client a last 48 hours chance to honore the payment. If no payment or if no sufficiant payment was received with 5 days following such a reminder, the transaction will be suspended, possibly cancelled, and the client will be automatically black-listed. In that case, no compensation nor damage may be claimed by the client. It is very important to know that the e-mail address mentioned on your order or request is right, as this adress only will receive all notifications.
Price changes, terms and  general conditions changes.
www.erictortella.com, respectively Eric Tortella, can change prices, terms and general conditions any time. For instance, prices can be updated monthly due to exchange rate variations; terms and general conditions can be updated due local law changes. All modifications and updates can be checked any time on the site http://www.erictortella.com. You will find there also the date of the last upddate. The client commits to check these modifications or updates to be aware of the possible changes. Such changes or updates concern all client or user as soon as they are published on the site http://www.erictortella.com.
In case of delivery by post or courrier request, the client must give a clear adress, valid at least for all the transaction time. The client also commits to give an e-mail adress that he is able to check regularly. www.erictortella.com, respectively Eric Tortella, will send any important message through this only electronic mail adress. If the client gives a PO box address he must also give a real address (street and number with zip code) matching to the client.
Site maintenance and updates.
Updates may occure anytime, without notice, as long as they don't supend the access to the information for more than one hour. Any major data processing maintenance will be announced on the site home-page (www.erictortella.com) with one week notice, with the date, the hours of the interruption and the scheduled re-start for the concerned services.
Working days and hours.
For working days and hours refer to the "prices" page (http://www.erictortella.com/prices_for_the_service.html). Out of hours and in case of emmergency, you can leave a text message on the following number +33 679 55 21 18. You can also leave a voice message or send an e-mail to webmaster@erictortella.com.
Claims and disputes.
In case of trouble, claim or dispute between the parties, especially about the understanding, the execution or the termination of a transaction, both parties must admit to try any out of court way, in the spirit and the manner exercised in the field.
Forwarding or resaling the service.
The information and the answers given to the client or any part of it, even once paid, may not be forwarded nor resold, by any mean. When the client does not want his watches' information and serial to be included in the privately published data-base, it should be mentioned clearly before the transaction.
If you have any doubt or any question don't hesitate to contact webmaster@erictortella.com.
Copyright and rights.
All rights on this site are reserved. If you wish to reproduce or use anything from this site please contact webmaster@erictortella.com. No part of this site or these pages may be reproduced in any form or by any means. If you have any doubt or any question don't hesitate to contact webmaster@erictortella.com.
Login service www.erictortella.com.
The clients, the users or the visitors linked to this service, what ever authorisation they have, must know and respect the terms and general conditions. Those are permanently available on the site www.erictortella.com.
Advertisements and "cookies".
Despite all efforts to avoid the problem, www.erictortella.com and respectively Eric Tortella, are not responsible for untimely advertising or cookies that could interfere with the reading of the information or with the functioning of the site.
Information about www.erictortella.com and Eric Tortella.
www.erictortella.com is a web-site managed by Eric Tortella. The main intention and target are to inform, against payment, in the field of collectable and vintage watches, especially in Patek Philippe watches, Rolex especially complicated or important collectable watches and the following brands: Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Cartier and Vacheron-Constantin. A resume of the actvities is available on the page http://www.erictortella.com/service_provided_and_prices.html. Detailed information is also available on the page http://www.erictortella.com/the_patek_philippe_specialist.html. Information about Eric Tortella is available on the site page http://www.erictortella.com/eric_tortella.html. If you have any more questions don't hesitate to contact webmaster@erictortella.com.
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Eric Tortella and www.erictortella.com are only supplying information and cannot be held responsible for misprinting, information mistaking, transmission delay or interference, untimely advertisements or cookies trouble, any influence, any financial loss or any other damage due to the published information. No part of this page(s) may be reproduced in any form or by any means.
The clients, the users or the visitors linked to this service, what ever authorisation they have, must know and respect the terms and general conditions. Those are permanently available on the site www.erictortella.com. Copyright www.erictortella.com ©. All rights reserved.