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scholar books available now



a series of 27 books

that you can order individually or by theme



here under are books for professionnal use,

available in sets or individually

the books deliveries include the access to the related extended part of the web-site



- € 12'000 : set of seven books here above, 240 pages each, with all "www.erictortella.com" PP & Co studied references and the reference guide, 180 pages, over 5'200 references and sub-references (book "four" to book "ten")

- € 2'500 : only the reference guide for PP&Co production, 1 volume, 180 pages, >5200 references and sub-references, mostly from PPC archive pictures (book "ten")



- € 8'000 : set of two PP&Co books here above, 240 pages each, pocket watches, complications, Gondolo's, pre-ferences, history and technical guide (books "one" and book "two")

- € 28'000 : set of eleven PP&Co books including the ones here above and the PP&Co dials + the Stern Frères deco dials books here under (books "one" to "ten" and  and book "twenty")




- € 20'000 : set of three books on dials here above, 240 pages each, (books three, "twenty" and "twenty-one")

- € 8'000 : only the PP&Co dials and dial manufactories volume, 240 (book "three")

- € 8'000 : only the Enamel Deco dials for Patek Philippe volume, 240 pages (book "twenty")

- € 8'000 : only the Enamel Deco dials for Rolex & others volume, 240 pages ("book twenty-one")




- € 18'000 : set of nine RLX books here above, 240 pages each, with ref. 4113, 4767, 4768, 5036, 6036, 6062, 6236 and 8171 including the recap book volume, 180 pages (books "eleven" to "nineteen")

- € 6'000 : only the RLX recap book for ref. 4113, 4767, 4768, 5036, 6036, 6062, 6236 and 8171, 1 volume, 180 pages (book "eleven")

- € 22'000 : set of ten RLX books including the set of nine here above and the Enamel Deco dials here higher (books "eleven" to "nineteen" and book "twenty-one")




- € 100'000 : set of seventeen PP&Co books with "www.erictortella.com" database, with illustrations, 240 page each (books "twenty-one" to "twenty-seven") and the eleven books mention here higher (books "one" to "ten" and book "twenty)" this includes the extended access to all the PP&Co web-site "www.erictortella.com" for two years


prices include VAT



► Blue Book 1



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