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other books coming soon

spring 2020 :  

the Blue Book four


Jumping hour wrist and pocket watches

Gondolo wrist and pocket watches

Gilbert Albert watches

Anti-Magnetic watches

Nautilus watches

autumn 2020 : 

the Blue Book five

Patek Philippe Enamelled and Decorative wrist-watches

Post WW2 enamelled and decorative pocket watches

and Decorative Clocks

  autumn 2020  - spring 2021: 

the Green-Book two

Enamelled and Decorative wrist-watch dials

by Rolex, Vacheron-Constantin, etc.

coming later, in 2021 :


the Blue-Book six

Patek Philippe 100 years of shaped wrist-watches from the 1920s to the 2020s

Patek Philippe center seconds pocket and wrist-watches


the Blue-Book seven

"The Patek Philippe"  Vintage Catalogues Collection

by Eric Tortella

the Green-Book three

Tribute to the Rolex Prince

by Eric Tortella


the Green-Book four

Dials explained and illustrated

by Eric Tortella

the Green-Book five

Cases explained and illustrated

by Eric Tortella

the Green-Book six

Movements explained and illustrated

by Eric Tortella



the Green-Book one


the Blue-Books

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